We are a sacred, business design agency founded to empower creative, spiritual women throughout the world and remind them of the sacred wisdom they have within. 

My name is Aisha LaDon, owner and Creative Director at Legacy Lab LLC. Back in 1997 I started a business from home as a desktop publisher, so that I could homeschool my kids. I taught myself web design and began working as a full-time Virtual Assistant.

When I relaunched my design agency in 2015 I found many entrepreneurs were taking profound steps to teaching themselves the latest technology when it came to design and business administration.

Being an entrepreneur first and designer second, I understood the necessity for bootstrapping and simply getting yourself out there, but I also noticed a missing component to those various businesses. They were disconnected from the sacredness of it all.

Legacy Lab and all of its projects are created for the creative, spiritual, entrepreneur in mind. The idealist, the visionary, the catalyst for change. We are here to encourage and inspire a higher quality of living, a life of meaning and purpose.

The Legacy Lab strives to transform the way we as women see ourselves, our businesses and the world around us. It strives to encourage us to see things from a holistic point of view and to design, develop and manage our businesses and our lives in that way. Making it sacred.



The mission of Legacy Lab LLC. is quiet simple. My small team and I strive to align the inner and outer wisdom of business. We believe that every single person in the world has a specific, divine purpose and legacy to leave on earth. A gift that the world can benefit from.

We are proud of the impact our clients are making, and we are honored to be apart of their journey.