90% off online businesses get clients mostly from word of mouth. Even if you are using social media to market your business over 90% of your clients will come from someone telling someone about what you do. There is a great benefit in numbers. The more
Co-Working is far from the boring 9-5 job with "coworkers" but has all the benefits of working in a great space with a like-minded team. Have an idea for a program? Need feedback on your pricing or marketing strategy; your co-workers got your back! They are

A space for Muslim, women entrepreneurs around the world!

Bloggers, calligraphist, photographers, graphic designer, fashion bloggers, influencers, holistic practitioners, coaches and more.



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Discover Your Ideal Client

Who is your ideal client is a workshop created to help you discover who it is you were meant to serve and show up for. Your ideal client is not always who you conscious desire to work with but are who you are meant to work with.

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Beginners Guide to WordPress

The Beginners Guide to Wordpress is the best WordPress Workshop on the web. It is a step by step guide on setting up your domain registration, your web hosting, and WordPress Install. We also take you on a tour of the WordPress dashboard and help you with your first post.

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Connecting PayPal To Mail Chimp

A quick tutorial that shows you how to automatically update MailChimp each time someone makes a purchase from you via PayPal.

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Get The Green Light On Your SEO

You know the SEO on your page is good when the light turns green, here is a tutorial to walk you through the process.

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Looking for a local group to connect with sisters face to face? 

Our Docents can help you.

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Bibi Watts

Lifestyle Blogger & Poetess

Houston, TX


Tira Heard

Poet & Reiki Healer

Cleveland, OH

Portrait Of British Muslim Woman In Urban Environment

Shareefa Carrion

Sewing Instructor

Atlanta, GA

Portrait Of British Muslim Woman In Urban Environment

Rahma Yusuf

Founder of MWBN & Riyya Collection

Seattle, WA

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